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All Regarding the Right Load Board Service for You

We advise to provide between 12 and 15 cardboard boxes per piece. Of course, this is only an approximation to help you determine how many boxes are needed. Some rooms, such as the kitchen, require more boxes than bedrooms. For opting for the Freight Search’s load boards free you need to know the followings.

How to measure a cardboard box?

  • Always take the inside dimensions of your boxes.
  • Note the dimensions in this order:
  • Length X Width X Height
  • Dimensions in inches
  • If you are measuring in centimeters, divide your results by 2.51 to get the equivalent in inches.
  • In this example, you have a box of 16 “X 11” X 8 “

How to measure-box

What sizes of cardboard boxes are needed?

In order to pack dishes, books and small heavy objects we advise you to use a format of about 1.5 to 2 cubic feet. For cauldrons, pans, children’s toys or even clothes, a box of about 3 cubic feet would certainly be useful. Finally, for pillows, duvets, sheets or any other very light but bulky objects, it is best to use a large box with a volume of about 5 cubic feet. Check the best moving package for you.

How to protect your fragile objects?

For regular dishes, you can use wrapping paper (sold as a package) that has a texture similar to traditional newspaper. This product will allow you to protect your plates, bowls and glasses during transport.

For more fragile objects such as crystal ware, porcelain or frames or mirrors, we encourage you to use biodegradable bubble wrap (certified EPI) sold in rolls that will offer greater protection to your objects.


CAUTION: It is important to make sure there is no free space in your cardboard boxes so objects do not move inside. You can then use wrapping paper, put into balls to fill the gaps created.

You will find all these products in our “Everything for packaging ” section and also in some luxury moving sets .

What is the best way to pack frames?

Among our inventory, frame boxes are available so that you can protect them well. However, we advise you to pre-pack them with bubble wrap for maximum protection. You will find all these products in our “Everything for packaging “section and also in some luxury moving sets .

What is the best way to protect a mattress?

We suggest you buy protective envelopes made of resistant plastic. These are available in 4 different sizes: single mattress, double mattress, queen mattress and king mattress and are suitable for new, thicker mattresses. You will find all these products in our ” Everything for packaging ” section.

Take the time to identify your boxes with labels

We suggest you take the time to identify your cardboard boxes using color codes for each piece. The movers will find it easily and you will save time and money through greater efficiency. When the time comes to unpack, you will be happy to have identified the content to get you back into working order quickly. It is also prudent to prepare one to two boxes of survival tools and accessories that will be very useful during the transition. Tools, utensils, toilet paper and all that will be needed for a soft landing and especially do not forget the lemonade. We have practical labels available in store and online, ask for them.

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